We're Leading the Healthcare to Self Care Revolution

Our twenty years experience building sustainable, wellness and digital businesses has brought us to this moment.    

Consumers are ready to take their health care into their own hands.

All that is needed now are the enabling technologies.

So that's what we are building


Putting You Back In Control of Your Own Healthcare Experience

It will sound crazy when you stop to think about it. 

But somehow we find ourselves being served by a healthcare system that is focused on serving the needs of the intermediaries that deliver healthcare, rather than us, the people who are the end users of those products and services. 

There's no other consumer category in the world where the producer tells the consumer what they can and cannot buy.

It might seem radical, but we think that needs to change.

So, like a consumer products company we are taking a different approach. 

We are choosing to ask, "What is the experience  you would like to have?

And then we are building what you want. Streamlined, individualized, Connected to the Life You Want to Live. With Beauty and Sensibility Designed In.



Harnessing Regenerative Medicine for Better Cancer Outcomes

Our Biorg team is a precision medicine startup that transforms the decision making process of cancer treatment from guessing to knowing. 

Building on the pioneering regenerative medicine research from Wake Forest University's Organoid Research Center (WFORCE) we replicate the specific tumor cells from a cancer patient’s diseased organ, grow them into organoids that specifically model that individual's exact disease. 

We then predictively model which chemotherapy/ immunotherapy possibilities, including not-typically considered treatments to discover which of all the alternative are most likely to be effective.


Enabling Your Doctor To View Their Whole Patient Population In Real Time
To See You More Clearly

Doctors recent experience with a fast moving and unexpected pandemic combined with their entire patient populations expecting realtime connections and personalized answers has dramatically raised the expectations for what a Telemed solution needs to deliver.

The UXHealth Telemed solution is rapidly being built to enable physicians to look longitudinally through a HIPAA compliant portal across the Health Care records of their entire patient populations to identify at risk patients and then when consulting remotely have access to a variety of AI enabled diagnostic tools to optimize their health care delivery.

REtail Healing Centers

Healing Center Retail Re-Imagined

Consumers are telling us what they want to do most urgently after we all come out of this imposed quarantine in early 2020 is to experience healing and the revival of their vitality.

So we're moving fast to be there for them by building out an immersive healing center experience that flows naturally and easily from their digital footprint and preferences and then connects them to a curated set of products and services that can be experienced in store, through home delivery or DTC.

why COLLABORATE with us?

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Strategy For What Matters

The beating heart of where we place our focus comes from ignoring the question others ask - What does someone want to buy? 

Instead we ask, What Matters Most to You? Everything we do flows from that.

Design For Durability and Aesthetic Outcome

We are passing into a period where the primary economic question will not be lowest cost but rather what has durability.

At the same time the quality of aesthetic experience vs quantity is becoming paramount.

Omni-channel  Marketing

The requirements of millennials and now GenZ consumers has transformed expectations of all consumer cohorts to expect ubiquitous and totally personalized connectivity for all products and services.

How Do You Want To Engage?